How I Got Stabbed In The Throat And Built Myself Into A Confident Achieving Machine Across All Areas Of My Life... 

(and how YOU can too)

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Join Us Today In Our 7 Day Challenge: Acquire The Mind Of A Conqueror And Discover How To...

1. Develop an unshakeable belief in yourself (internal peace, undeniable confidence & true happiness)

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3. Stick to your word effortlessly and conquer your goals

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Listen, I called it “Greek Conqueror” because in order for you to receive abundance in life which you deserve...

...You must conquer.

In other words, you’ve got to go and GRAB what you want. Nothing is given to you. Nothing. It’s all up to you to seize what’s yours.

And I will teach you exactly how to acquire the mind of a conqueror with essential habits that almost automatically attract all the happiness, confidence & success you deeply desire.

This Challenge Is For You If...

1. You struggle with self-discipline to stick with habits and want to learn how to become committed

2. You feel horrible about your life, and you know you could do two times more

3. You’ve tried everything -- diets, workout programs, every fads imaginable -- and haven't seen any results


​4. You simply want to become the Greek Conqueror who conquers every goal you set for yourself

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You will be invited to join our exclusive Facebook Group. You will interact with a small group of students. (We always keep it small, so everyone can receive personal attention.)

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And inside the group, we're going to be hosting a contest for the 3 best transformations...

Just Imagine The Life Waiting For You Once You’ve Transformed Your Mindset...

Do you know what’s the greatest thing about having a mindset of a Greek Conqueror?

The SELF-CONFIDENCE that comes with it. If you thought you were confident… wait UNTIL you learn how to tap into the full potential of your mind.

When a person possesses REAL, “well-grounded” self-confidence, it shows in his eyes, body language, gestures, tone of voice, a thousand little, even subliminal ways — and it is virtually irresistible.

This special kind of self-image-imprinted self-confidence causes your family, friends, lovers, co-workers and colleagues to automatically look to you for ideas and leadership.

...It even causes members of the opposite sex (previously thought to be “out of your league”) to be attracted to you and fascinated by you.

Everything else in your life will be a domino effect from the brand-new confidence you’ll build with rge 7 Day Challenge: Acquire The Mind Of A Conqueror 

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About Adam Lucero

Adam Lucero is an Influencer, mindset & fitness coach and success thought-leader. 

He helps people to transform self-image, build an impressive physique and boost their happiness, confidence & productivity. 

His strategies and principles have been tested with students for over four years. They are designed to help people reach their maximum potential and build muscular physiques.

7 Day Challenge: Acquire The Mind Of A Conqueror is designed for anyone to re-engineer their self-image and experience breakthroughs in achieving goals.

With the help of Adam Lucero and his 7-Day Challenge, all of the heavy lifting has been done for you.

You just need to trust the process...and you’ll see results.


You Might Be Wondering...


The 7 Day Challenge: Acquire The Mind Of A Conqueror is designed to give you results in 7 days and beyond… only if… you apply its methods. 

Nothing is given and you’ll have to work for it. However, if you work, it is almost certain to give you results. Plus, you’ll receive 7 days worth of daily training videos and you’ll receive the workbooks and bonuses! This training is jam-packed.


When you sign up today, you’ll receive LIFETIME access to all of the materials you’ll need. We want you to keep using the 7 Day Challenge: Acquire The Mind Of A Conqueror as part of your essential mindset guide!


Yes! Adam will personally answer any questions you have inside the Facebook Group that we will invite you as soon as you sign up for the challenge.


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