How Getting Stabbed In Throat While At A Movie Theater... 

Made Me A Confident Achieving Machine Across All Areas Of My Life!

(And How You Can Attain This Alpha State Too - Watch Below)

⚠Warning - Contains Graphic Content!⚠

Look, While I Was Grateful To Survive A Chef Knife Going Half Way Though My Throat... 

And Puncturing My Lung, I Felt Like I Lost All Sense Of Who I Was...

My confidence disappeared like a quarter in a magic show and my head was plagued with negative thoughts and self doubt.⁣
I was left asking myself... ⁣
“Am I ever going to get back to a functional state where I feel good?”⁣
“Am I ever going to be able to accomplish all the goals I have for myself?”⁣
“Or am I destined for a life of mediocrity where my potential rots away with my ambitions?”⁣

I spent the next few weeks contemplating these questions and ultimately I decided I wasn’t going to go down like this.⁣

I began researching the secrets of evolution, biology & psychology that enabled me to build myself up again.⁣

Simply put, I discovered how to tap into how we are hardwired as a human...

To permanently erase all self-doubt, anxiety & procrastination.

I applied all of this ancient wisdom to my life and the results were UNREAL!

Everyday I woke up, I was more happy, confident & ambitious than the day before.

Instead of having an internal battle with myself to do the things that would improve my life, I simply took action.

I quickly became filled with self-belief, motivation & was PROUD of who I saw in the mirror.

That's when I realized, I had Acquired The Mind of A Conqueror.

Now, fast forward 4 years and i'm running a business around my passion...

To build ambitious men, like you, into the best versions of themselves... 

...Into CONQUERORS who take what they want in life!

In fact, check out what some of our students have to say...

Daniel N.

Before Statement

“I used to procrastinate my schoolwork, would struggle to keep a job and I fell off every workout & diet plan I tried. 

I thought something was wrong with me because I saw all my friends excelling in life while I seemed to struggle in all areas.”

After Statement

"After I completely acquired the mind of a conqueror, I was a completely different person! 

I would get home from school, immediately finish my homework then go hit the gym.

I no longer had that internal debate with myself whether or not I should do the things that would improve my life. 

I'm simply better than I used to be!"

Jeff M.

Before Statement

"I was always felt like I was destined for greatness and would hit my goals but time after time, my procrastination kept me stuck.

It almost felt like I was running my life in autopilot mode where I was just going through the motions of life rather than enjoying life."

After Statement

“Everyday I have so much more energy & drive in my professional and personal life, and I'm now accomplishing more than I ever have.

Adam has walked me through becoming happy & confident step by step and the difference in my life is night and day! 

In fact, i've even become engaged!"

Are You Interested In Joining Our Army Of Conquerors?

First, we need to know if this message is for you...

So, let’s take a quiz. I will list the following visions, if any of these excite you, please click the checkbox. 

Conqueror Quiz:

I want to possess the secrets to destroy procrastination, self-doubt, and lack of discipline that have been lurking me from the shadow.
I want to be regarded as extremely successful all by my family, friends and acquaintances. 

(If only my friends from high school could see me now)
I want to command respect from my guy friends and to have strangers instantly treat me like a king anywhere I go.
I want to simply get the attention from attractive woman who just seem to elbow their way into starting friendly conversations with me.
I want the rock-solid discipline that spreads from the gym to other areas in life. 

For example, I am starting to save more money, which I plan to eventually accumulate massive holdings in stocks, bonds, real estate, gold, etc.
I want to be powerful and have the freedom of being able to do what I like, when I like, with the people I like.

Holding my head high and proud, knowing that I am internally self-sufficient and can take on whatever life throws at me!
If you checked any of those boxes, becoming a conqueror is right for you. Let's move on...

Look, After Helping Thousands Of Ambitious Men, Like You, I've Come To Realize That It Might Feel Like You Have A Mental Barrier...

...That's Preventing You From Having Internal Confidence, Self Belief & Motivation.

In fact, you might feel like a lesser version of yourself. 

And you might fear that this state of mediocrity is going to be your normal state of life until the day you die.

But the reality is, it's NOT your fault that you haven't hit your goals YET.

It's the motivational industries! 

They're feeding us lies and telling us that all we need in order to start conquering our goals, day in and day out, is more "willpower & motivation."
And I get it... It sounds nice because it makes you feel like you're in control and can easily make the switch in your life...

But when has relying on willpower or motivation ever amounted to creating change in yourself or your life?
NEVER! Because it's a broken formula...☠☠
And I don't even need to expand on this...

You can look at your own life and see that it hasn't been working for you, otherwise you would already have the life you want.

But i'll let you in on a little secret... 

You Can Be In Absolute Control Of Your Happiness, Confidence, Productivity & Life If You Acquire The Mind Of A Conqueror.

However, most people don’t know how to unlock this power because very few even know it exists... 

Which is why most people never attain the life they want.

The good news for you is that I spent years of my life studying the secrets of evolution, biology & transformational psychology...

That effortlessly enable people, like you, to finally get the change they strive for!
But, let me have two parts of your brain:  

1. The left or conscious mind and   
2. The right or subconscious mind.
Now, 90- 95% of the decisions you make in your day are made with your subconscious mind. 

And to exemplify this... 

Have you ever been driving before and then you zone out for 5 or 10 minutes?

Then you zone back in and then all of a sudden, you’re at your destination already? 

Well, you weren't consciously driving, right?

So how did you get there? Simple, your subconscious mind took over. 

But, how did your subconscious mind get you to take action?  

Through your habits.

Now, when you tell yourself that you’re going to change your actions and behaviors, you’re using your conscious mind.

But, you’ve already made it a habit of not doing what you told yourself you’d do.

So basically, you’re getting both parts of your brain to battle AGAINST each other... 

Conscious mind - make change.

Subconscious mind - don’t make change.

Which do you think wins the battle? 

Yup, your subconscious mind or the habits that it has created...

Which is why you always fall back into your old patterns and ruts... 

Despite how "motivated" you are to change your life.

(and also why your New Year's Resolutions NEVER work)
So, how do you escape this trap?

The ONLY way is by getting your subconscious mind to work WITH your conscious mind... 

...Aka Acquiring The Mind of A Conqueror.

And without it, your life is going to stay exactly how it is now... 

Except that deep feeling in your gut that’s telling you that you’re on the wrong path in life, is going to keep on growing like a tumor.

And you'll likely keep feeling horrible and depressed every time you think about what you haven't been able to achieve.

The scariest part is, the longer you wait to acquire the mind of a conqueror, the harder it will be.

But to demonstrate the profound effect this will have on your life, let me tell you about our student, Nick...
He always felt like he was meant to do something BIG in life.

But anytime he tried making progress towards his goals, he lost motivation. 

This vicious cycle left him feeling terrible about where his life was going and even who he was becoming. 

He felt stuck and powerless.

But, after Acquiring The Mind of A Conqueror, he's stuck to his word like glue and eliminated his procrastination. 

Since then, he's gotten a promotion at work and has even run a 4:13 mile! 

He now feels happy, fulfilled and in control of his life.

The morale of the story is...

If you’re looking to create real and everlasting change in your happiness, confidence and ability to take action consistently... 

...then you MUST acquire the mind of a conqueror!

Otherwise, you’ll continue striving for change but revert back into your old habits of procrastination, anxiety & self-doubt... 

(and worst of all, feeling disgusted with yourself)

Now, the reality is, that this will do much more than enable you to stick to your word effortlessly so that you conquer your goals, day in and day out...

 It’s going to grant you SUPREME confidence because you’ll become more capable. 

You see, TRUE confidence comes from knowing that you can do anything you set your mind to. 

Which is why you see countless successful people with immense confidence. 

(Grant Cardone, Joe Rogan or David Goggins) 
That's also why you tend to see people who underachieve, lacking confidence.

The good news is once you acquire the mind of a conqueror, you too will know that you can do whatever you set your mind to!

Now you might be wondering...

Can Everyone Acquire The Mind Of A Conqueror?

YES!! It doesn’t matter how old you are, how stuck you may feel, or what your life looks like. 

As long as you are human you can acquire the mind of a conqueror. 

 Some people might feel like they dug themselves into a hole that they can't get out of.

Others might feel sad, stuck & unfulfilled, knowing that they can 2x better than they currently are.

Others might feel like they have mental barrier from being productive, happy or confident.

But in any case, YOU can acquire the mind of a conqueror and finally get the life that you crave!

What Kind Of Effect Will This Have On My Social Life?

It will enable you to conquer your emotions and attitude so that everyday you’re in a fun-loving attitude 

(where you can joke with your friends, coworkers & family and live life the fullest)

Simply put, it's going to cause you to gain more friends and cause the opposite gender to be more attracted to you.

(because of your newly discovered upbeat attitude and internal confidence)

How Long Will The Effects Last? 

Once you completely acquire the mind of a conqueror, it will last for your ENTIRE lifetime. 

You see, reprogramming your subconscious mind is essentially forming a powerful habit. 

I want you to think about a bad habit that you’ve been trying to break for years... 

Maybe it’s eating unhealthy foods or not working out. 

Well, have you ever noticed how hard it is to break that habit? It might even feel impossible

Well, just like how its hard to break those habits, it’s going to be even more difficult to break the mind of a conqueror!

How Does It Really Work?

Imagine if you ordered a machine. 

Once you received the machine in the mail, you will open the instruction book. 

It tells you how to operate the machine most efficiently.
Believe it or not, your brain also has an “instruction book” on how to make it work FOR you, instead of AGAINST you. 

All you have to do is follow the instruction book... 

Or in this case, follow our step by step system inside our 7- Day Challenge: Acquire The Mind Of A Conqueror:

I dedicated over the past 4 years of my life and tens of thousands of dollars to accumulate this vast knowledge on the human brain. 

(and to correctly implement it into a PROVEN & powerful challenge)

But it was totally worth it because not only are my students and I successfully changing our lives, but we're doing it rapidly, in just 7 days.

In fact, i'm now accomplishing more in 1 day than I used to in an ENTIRE week! 

Join Us Today And Discover How To:

1. Develop An Unshakeable Belief In Yourself So That You Have Internal Peace, Undeniable Confidence & Go After What You Want In Life

2. Permanently Shatter All Your Mental Barriers That Are Keeping You Stuck So That You Gain Everlasting Motivation & Drive

3.  Stick To Your Word Effortlessly So That You Conquer Your Goals & Life Rapidly And Become Deeply Fulfilled & Happy

What People Are Saying About “7 Day Challenge: Acquire The Mind Of A Conqueror"

Look, the decision you make TODAY is going to ripple through the rest of your life...

Now, you can decide not to join...

 But when you're looking back in 5, 10 or 20 years from now and your life is still stuck and you feel even MORE demoralized, lost & hopeless... 

That's because of your decision to NOT join today. 

And you can't go back in time and change your decision...

NO! You'll be stuck living in the consequences of your own actions and it could haunt you like a ghost for the rest of your life!
And on the flip side, if you join today, your newly found confidence and joyful attitude is going to enable your social life to grow.

(like a fire that's being lathered in gasoline)

And that's not even accounting for the value you'll be getting in terms of your peace of mind and ability to make more money... 

In fact, one of our student's Steven has even started his own business and within 3 months it's been wildly profitable!
So do you want to keep waiting for your life to magically change and continue down the same path you're on? 

Or do you want to take control and become POWERFUL today?

But, before you decide which route you’re going to take...
Let me ask you a question...⁣⁣⁣

How are you going to feel about yourself in 3 months from now if your life is exactly the same?  

Is choosing to stay stagnant, improve your life? Or making it worse?

With that being said, join us TODAY and I will teach you exactly how to acquire the mind of a conqueror with essential habits...

 ....that almost automatically attract all the success you want in all areas of your life.

Worried about being held accountable? No problem...

You will be invited to join our exclusive Facebook Group. You will interact with a small group of students. 

(We always keep it small, so everyone can receive personal attention.)

 Every day, I will post NEW video and bonus resources for you to watch and apply these into action. 

You can ask any questions. And you’ll receive support and accountability from fellow students. 

And inside the group, we're going to be hosting a contest for the 3 best transformations...
Yup, you heard that right! Some of you will even be making money by improving your life.

So What's Included?

More Than You Probably Even Need! #justsayin

Here’s the CRAZY Amount of Stuff You Get When You Sign Up for the Challenge!

I’m basically giving it away at this point 😜

  • 7 Days Of High Level Videos & Training From Adam Lucero ($197 Value)
No more aimlessly wandering from guru to guru to attempt to piece your life together like a puzzle, which left you feeling lost & demoralized.

Instead, follow a proven system to simply get rapid results and feel confidence surging through your veins as you simply go after what you want in life!

  • Secret Super Achiever Blueprint To Gain Motivation & Drive ($97 Value) 
No more relying on the broken formula of "willpower & motivation" to change your life, which left you wanting to pull your hair out.

Instead, harness powerful secrets of Elon Musk, David Goggins & Tony Robbins to tap into your deep reserve of energy to keep going when you want to quit!

(It’s those moments that separate the Have’s and Have-Not’s)

  • Ultimate Brain Hack To Permanently Delete Negative Thoughts, Self-Doubt & Anxiety ($97 Value)
No more going throughout your day doubting yourself & cowering in fear.​

Instead, make the single mindset shift to eliminate insecurities and limiting beliefs that have been keeping you from reaching your goals!

  • ​Bulletproof Strategy To Snipe Your Goals Like A Barrett 50 Cal ($97 Value) 
No more hoping and wishing for your goals to magically become a reality, which left you frustrated beyond belief.

Instead, ensure you hit your goals and get your results 2x faster by correctly programming your brain and become fulfilled.

  • ​Fulfilled Formula For Deep Life Purpose ($97 Value) 
No more running your life in autopilot mode where you were just going through the motions of life, which left you feeling lost at sea.

Instead, discover the easiest way to “design” your life and start achieving exactly the way you’ve visualized! 

(If you are tired of only taking pieces of crumbs from life, then you’ll finally learn how to turn your wildest fantasy into reality, day in and day out. 

But first, you must DESIGN your path, so you will know where you’ll be going) 

  • ​Celebrity Radiate Happiness Recipe ($97 Value) 
No more feeling empty as you go throughout your day.

Instead, build a fun-loving attitude where you joke around with your friends, family & co-workers!

PLUS These 4 Bonuses For Life...

  • 3 Self-Hypnosis To Force Your Brain For Peace Of Mind, Confidence & Rapid Goal Sniping ($297 Value)
No more going through your day with a scattered brain that can't focus, be confident or take action, which left you feeling stuck.

Instead, FORCE your brain to become peaceful & effortlessly take action to hit your goals!

  • Video Series To Shatter All Your Bad Habits ($97 Value)
No more struggling to combat your bad habits that left you feeling like a lesser version of yourself.

Instead, simply shatter all your bad habits that keep you stuck, within DAYS!

  • Discovery Roadmap To Find Your Most Meaningful Life ($97 Value)
No more living a life that contradicts what you truly desire, which left you feeling unfulfilled & hopeless.

Instead, uncover what truly means the most to you so that you become fulfilled & complete!

  • Happiness Exploration To Light Up Like A Christmas Tree ($97 Value)
No more life of only doing meaningless activities which left you with a deep feeling in your gut, that you're on the wrong path in life.

Instead, quickly identify the thing most meaningful activities in your life so that you 3x your happiness!

This is well over $1,270 in value! 

But just because you haven't given in to mediocrity, 

(the fact that you're reading this is proof of that)

It shows me that you're meant to be among our army of conquerors...

Which is why, I'm going to slash the price down to ONLY $47 for you! 

But this extremely LIMITED time offer is only for the conquerors who take action.

So prove to yourself, RIGHT NOW, that you are a conqueror and sign up immediately!

Next Challenge Starting on 1st January 2021 But Enrollment Ends In...

00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds
You will begin immediately with the Pre-Training Confidence Hypnosis when you invest... that when the challenge starts you will be 100% prepared with immense confidence & unreal drive to rapidly accelerate into your NEW life!

 (need at least 1 week of this training before the challenge)

Simply Get Results Or DOUBLE Your Money!

Just Imagine The Life Waiting For You Once You’ve Transformed Your Mindset...

Do you know what’s the greatest thing about Acquiring The Mind of A Conqueror?

The SELF-CONFIDENCE that comes with it. If you thought you were confident… wait UNTIL you learn how to tap into the full potential of your mind.

When a person possesses REAL, “well-grounded” self-confidence, it shows in his eyes, body language, gestures, tone of voice, a thousand little, even subliminal ways — and it is virtually irresistible.

This special kind of self-image-imprinted self-confidence causes your family, friends, lovers, co-workers and colleagues to automatically look to you for ideas and leadership.

...It even causes members of the opposite sex (previously thought to be “out of your league”) to be attracted to you and fascinated by you.

Everything else in your life will be a domino effect from the brand-new confidence you’ll build with the 7 Day Challenge: Acquire The Mind Of A Conqueror 

You Really Only Have 3 Options...

The choice is yours…

Honor yourself and start building the conqueror’s mindset...

YES! Give Me Access to the 7 Day Challenge: Acquire The Mind Of A Conqueror 

About Adam Lucero

Adam Lucero is an Influencer, mindset & fitness coach and success thought-leader. 

He helps people to transform self-image and boost their happiness, confidence & productivity. 

His strategies and principles have been tested with students for over four years. 

They are designed to help people reach their maximum potential.

The 7 Day Challenge: Acquire The Mind Of A Conqueror is designed for anyone to reprogram their brain to achieve pure bliss, internal confidence & MASSIVE breakthroughs in conquering their goals.

With the help of Adam Lucero and his 7-Day Challenge, all of the heavy lifting has been done for you.

You just need to trust the process...and you’ll see results.


You Might Be Wondering...


The 7 Day Challenge: Acquire The Mind Of A Conqueror is designed to give you results in 7 days and beyond… only if… you apply its methods. 

Nothing is given and you’ll have to work for it. However, if you work, it is almost certain to give you results. Plus, you’ll receive 7 days worth of daily training videos and you’ll receive the workbooks and bonuses! This training is jam-packed.


You can look at our case studies and testimonies to see how people, like you, are transforming their lives. 

Or you can simply look at the fact that I'm here in front of you in this exact moment. 

About four years ago I was on the brink of death living off tubes, completely malnourished and felt absolutely lost in life. 

Now, I'm here with my dream body pursuing my passion to help others take absolute control of their emotions, body & life. 

If I escaped a place that most people can barely even fathom, imagine how quickly you can transform your  life. 


Enroll in our 7 day challenge and follow it to the dot for the full duration. See the results it gives you. 

If you don’t see any results, simply show us you did try and it didn’t work. We will immediately refund double money back.


This program is specifically designed to cater to everyone regardless of their age, gender or knowledge on how the brain works or regardless of how stuck and trapped you may feel.


Again, your age does NOT matter. As long as you are human, you can reprogram your brain and thus take absolute control of your emotions, confidence, productivity & life! 


When you sign up today, you’ll receive LIFETIME access to all of the materials you’ll need. 

We want you to keep using the 7 Day Challenge: Acquire The Mind Of A Conqueror as part of your essential mindset guide!


Yes! Adam will personally answer any questions you have inside the Facebook Group that we will invite you as soon as you sign up for the challenge.


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